New Motivational Book

musa-gumede (3)Imagine a soccer field with no goal-poles where the players will try to make an effort to score a goal. The game will lose its meaning, because people will play with no purpose of really what they are trying to reach.

However once you immediately introduce the goal-poles in that soccer field suddenly there will be something to play for. Everyone will be organized with one aim in mind which will be working towards scoring more goals than the opponent.

Life is like that, you must have a purpose that you always strive to achieve and your daily activities should build on each other to put you closer to the desired goal. It becomes very important now to keep on asking yourself daily that “What are you trying to achieve”. Asking yourself that question will keep you focused on building and moving towards your goals in life daily.

That is why I have written this book titled “What are you trying to reach” to remind people that the distance between them and their goals might be long, but it is a journey that you are capable to walk despite the ups and down on the way.

Musa Gumede


Officail book

Lack of positive thinking, hopelessness, low-self-esteem, inferiority complex, broken hearts, discouragements and bad environment we find ourselves in.  All of these I regard as things that can kill your spirit and ultimately steal your success and dreams away from you. They might lead you to become the person that you were not born to be. This book “Tested to Testify” restores that conquered spirit that has been killed and reminds people about the capabilities they have to overcome challenges and be stronger.

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