Musa Gumede Port Shepstone’s Motivational Book Launch: Tested to Testify


Picture of Musa Gumede at Durban book launch which was on the 7th of April 2013

On Saturday 1st June 2013 Musa Gumede will having his second leg of Port Shepstone launch of a motivational book he has written called Tested to Testify.
Musa is a columnist in a community newspaper and is a member of the BAT Adult Dancing Pencils Writing Club. Musa is working together with the local newspaper and community radio station to make this event a success.
The venue will be St Martin School which is at 21 Aiken Street, Port Shepstone next to Municipality offices. The event start at 10H00 to 13H00, there will be poetry, performances and inspirational massages accompanying this book launch. Everyone is welcomed and entry is free.
The book reminds people about the capabilities they have to overcome challenges and be stronger. These Tests of Life can be good Testimonies for the next person to know that there is a brighter life after any challenge. What you need is to keep your head up high. The book provides a wide range of encouragement and advice for different situations you may be dealing with.

Be a Believer – Be an Achiever


Photo by: DTL

Today I want to talk about the crippling disease which as terrorised people for quite a while, without taking heed of it. That is lack of Self- Believe.   When you become a ‘believer’ in yourself you are in a road which will lead you to where you want to go. To believe comes easy when it involves things that are not vital. For example we switch off the lights believing that when we switch them on they will light again.  We make reservations in hotels believing that when we arrive we will find the place reserved. We order goods from stores because we believe they will be delivered to us. The problem begins when we must believe important things
Believe if I can take a closer look at it is just a faith or confidence, if we look at a human being, I can say every person was born a believer. When a child wants something s/he believes that whatever s/he desire will be obtainable if he cries, so a child is a believer not a pessimistic person.
Everyone now appreciate that we are liberated in South Africa, but it was those who believe in freedom who fought for it and made difference, so believers can make difference. To be a believer is to be happy, strong and to believe to have power, if you believe strongly in something you act cheerful. Jesus said in the Holy Bible ‘All things are possible if we Believe in Him’ Believe is a positive power of living.
Believers are Achievers- if you want to achieve something you need to believe in yourself first, have Self-confidence in your abilities and set your goals clear. Achievers believe that this country has more opportunities, and they believe in an opportunity itself. Anyone who wants to advance in a company s/he works for must be believe in that company. People who do not believe in something they will be losers of everything they do.  All believers and achievers have their moments of self-doubts, but have normal self-esteem and sound basic of belief in addition they possess a well-define goals.
Good people let us all be a committed believers, lets replace all negative attitude with optimism and get rid of low self-esteem and believe in ourselves

Musa Gumede


Do not stress during the time of test

                                                                                   You know tStreesshat you can do it, so get out and go and do it.  This is the kind of encouragement words I can give to people who are about to write examinations, assignments, job interviews, presentations, etc. During the time where you need to produce the goods after a long preparation for you test what can be a hindrance in your way is to stress too much about your assignment. This feeling makes you feel uncomfortable and not at ease.

Preparing for exam it’s a continuous job for a student as it starts from the beginning of the year till the time to write exam itself.  This might be exhausting to some students and to work under tremendous pressure to produce goods at all cost can be exhausting. What is often forgotten is prepare to be at ease. Each an every work to be done that will put you on the next level in life needs a strategy. 

In my life in corporate services and public participation engagements I have seen people preparing for what they planned to share with the audience. Only to find that due to the fear and the little voice which normally says “what if I fumble” they poorly perform.  It’s natural to be a little shaky.  However you speak against that voice and overpower it with confidence.  In 2004 I heard my mentor Sbu Buthelezi telling us in one of our classes, saying that when you are about to do a public speech you will always have that little shaky feeling. But what is vital to you is to tell yourself that what you are bout to unleash to your audience is far greater than that feeling.
My high school teacher at Port Shepstone, south coast use to tell us that when you are prepared and confident you perform better. The confidence will allow you to be at ease and able to access the excel drive within yourself. The ability to excel will come to you when you stress not during the time of test, but calmly do what you know and do it at the best of your ability.

Unnecessary pressure can makes you loose you what you know, I have heard people coming out from examination room saying they just became blank and wrote nothing. This kind of comment is common to people who failed the motor license test as well. It is not that they didn’t know, however it was pressure and stress that was more than the level of confidence in them. So by them being tied by that stress they fail to access the excel drive that will allow them to excel in whatever test is ahead of them.

I urge all our students in schools, universities, people that will be going for job interviews or any form of examination to learn and prepare themselves on how to undergo all those examination calmly and with no stress.

By Musa Gumede