Be careful of the circle of people around you!

As we proceed with our daily life there are people that we always engage with, it can be a person at work who is cleaning, security personnel, the guy that you always see on your way to work, your bus mate, the shop assistant that you always see, the delivery guy that collect and deliver parcel at work, you customers, suppliers, etc. These are people that we always meet and they form part of the circle of people around you. People mentioned above exclude your former teacher at school, school mate, your relatives, etc. because you always take note of them as they directly impacted your life and you actually noticed their contribution in your life. What I want to talk about here is the first group of people which you interact with them on daily basis and you do business with them while you think you are just doing your work for a day.
Whatever is happening in our life is not just happening; however there is always something that we can learn from it. So have you asked yourself why God at this specific time strategically placed you in a position where you interact with these people that you see on daily basis? What exactly have you withdrawn from your interaction with these people that you are placed with? Maybe the first question to be asked is that are you taking notice of these people or are you opening yourself for an engagement with these people that are in front of you?
The reason I’m saying this I have seen people that you least expecting to get help from, actually receiving help from them. Besides getting help, you are sometimes learning something from interacting with them of which that can be of your great help going forward. Remember you learn from each and every incidence you encounter in life it can be good or bad. So open yourself for more learning it will makes you a better person in future. We need to remember that people we met long ago in most cases we have learnt from them already so there is a little new things that you can look forward to when you try to reconnect with them. It must be the fact that you need to move to the next level of growth that is why you were removed from them, so take up the challenge of learning and learn.
We are not saying disregard your family, your old friends, etc., stay in touch with them, however if you always try to live the past life in present time you will have a little development in your life. The reason for that is because you don’t want to learn and move forward and to understand the importance of the place you are strategically positioned presently.
I have learnt this in my entire life where people outside from my family become so resourceful to me more than the people that you might expect to be. Even the guy next door to you, might be of a great help to you. Our challenge is that we are bound into family tradition, where you only highly consider people from your family or relatives. In most cases that has been proven fruitless e.g. when hiring a person because s/he is your relative/ family member/ friend only to find a person is not even in a position to do that job or getting that business deal. That normally results is poor workmanship which discredits you. This challenge as well that develops a situation where people feel as if you need to belong to a certain family or group to make it in life that demoralizing the society with the capacity.
Good people let us not allow the growth which will be in sailors; we need to fulfill the plan of God to place us where we are and to have the circle of people we engage with. Each and every person is important and let try find out the purpose of knowing or of interacting with people you deal with on daily basis.
By: Musa Gumede

To move from Success to Significant


DR T Nene

What is success? No matter how you look at it, but it will mean accomplishment of your own goal in life or in whatever area of your work.  Success it can be a personal thing e.g. you managed to buy your dream house, car, maybe in business, etc. Depending on what you wanted to achieve. Once you have accomplished what you desired you were indeed successful in that. Others are successfully spiritually, they are able to satisfy themselves and feed the inner person within them.

However being successful do you think is that enough?  Your success will it be inspirational to others?  Your success will able to change people’s life for the better? How long your successes will it be remembered?  Don’t get me wrong we need to be successful in what we do so we can live an exiting purposeful life. However  do not dwell on our success forever.

It is critically important to take our success to another level, meaning to move from success into significance. I’ll mention few people who were beyond success and whom I see or learnt that were operating at level of significance. The founder of the Zulu nation King Shaka.  What he did in unification of the nation is something that will be always remembered by world community. It was more than a success but, it was significant and it will never be forgotten

The late Dr Thokozani Nene what he did for the nation was significant, coining number of isiZulu words that were not even there before. As the society develops, the need to come up with new words always arises. That was significant it will now be passed on to many generations to come. He moved from success and operated at a level of significance. Protecting and promoting the effective utilisation of the African languages in these days seems to be a challenging work.

Paul the apostle from the bible, his teachings and preaching is still changing people’s life even now, irrespective to the fact that it was done long time ago. You often hear people saying ‘you will see what was seen by Paul coming from Damascus’. This is an indication that what he did and what happed to his life was significant.

To live a significant life does not require you to be super rich, you can play a significant role in the community even worldwide.  That is why I call everyone not to limit themselves into success whereas you can do significant things.
By:  Musa Gumede