Time is an Investment

TimeReturn on investment is a term you hear frequently, usually in relation to business and finance. The goal (obviously) is to maximize return on the money you invest. The implications of this concept go much deeper when you start to think of time as your primary investment rather than money. Everything you do is an investment of time. When you watch television, you’re making an investment in entertainment. If you watch a show that sucks, you’ve made a bad investment and receive a poor return for your time.

In many ways time is more valuable than money. You’ll always have the opportunity to make more money, but once time has been spent it’s gone forever. When you think of time as a commodity, and all of your actions as investments, it changes the way you approach every day decisions.

We spend time in many different ways: working, eating, sleep, exercise, entertainment, etc. All of these things are important. When we start investing too heavily in one area and not enough in another we create problems for ourselves. The key is investing our time in a manner that perfectly balances each of these areas and forms a productive and pleasurable life.

Deciding how to invest our time is a formidable task. Unlike business, there are no percentages or spreadsheets to reference. We have to rely on experience and intuition. Even myself I’m far from being a master of this.

Musa G.

How to Deal with Inferiority Complex

Musa GumedeIt’s soul-destroying, isn’t it? Feeling inferior transforms every day into just one more crushing experience. Another day on the sidelines losing hopes that you’ll never get your turn to shine, or even fit in.
It leaves you consumed with self-disappointment.
It’s no wonder you feel insignificant, inadequate, a total bother to others. Inferiority is a hideous place to be. Oh gosh! it’s hell. I was trapped there for the greater part of my life, until my early teens. Then I decided to work out what made me feel so much less confident than everyone else.
Thankfully, I beat inferiority into submission. So let me show you how to coax your self-confidence out of the corner and say howdy to your positive self-belief.
1. Gain Self-Confidence By Being Your Self.
Find your self-identity and find your self-confidence. “Self-confidence”. There’s a clue in the word. It’s self confidence, not some other person‘s confidence. Once you start being yourself, you will stop feeling inferior in any situation. Remember, the only thing NO ONE on this planet can do better than you … is being YOU. Only Dr. Seuss put it much better: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You!”
Or if you prefer:
Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” No, I don’t know you, but I can promise if we ever meet, I will prefer you as the authentic you. You are doing the world a disservice by hiding your true self.
Secret to self-confidence #1:
You will always be a poor imitation of anyone else. Stop hankering after being someone you’re not. Be yourself. Be unique.

2. Know That Inferiority Is A Choice. So Is Equality.
So the first thing we need to be clear on here is that feeling inferior is normal. Why? Because it shows that you aren’t deluded. Let’s be honest; most of us are inferior to someone in some way. Last time I checked my bank account, I was financially inferior to most people on the Forbes 400 list – ok, everyone on the list. You see, the need for validation is a normal, healthy aspect of being human. But seeking validation by comparing yourself to others is a poor tool for building self-confidence. There will always be areas where you feel inferior, rightly, or even wrongly. Why? Because most of us have a tendency to focus on the negative, which translates into noticing our perceived inferiorities and overlooking our strengths. So unless your actual life aim is to be richer than Patrice Motsepe or Raymond Ackerman, stay away from comparisons in all fields. By refusing to compare yourself to others, you’re choosing equality over inferiority. Remember, no one on this earth is less important or valuable than any other human being … unless they decide they are.
Secret to self-confidence #2:
Stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on your own ideals when measuring your strengths and weaknesses. We are all as valid as each other in our own way.
3. Take Yourself Out Of The Equation.
What? Having told you to find your self-identity and be yourself, I’m now telling you to forget about you altogether? Not exactly. What I’m saying is that when confronted by someone who has previously left you feeling inferior, focus on them and them alone. Leave yourself outside the door. By devoting your full attention to the other person, you will have the headspace to hear what they are honestly saying, at the very heart of their words. Listen hard; you’ll hear their own fears, worries, insecurities and disappointments articulated. You’ll have the capacity to clearly observe their body language. Watch carefully; you’ll see their own nerves, stress points, frustrations, and deep-down desires acted out. They will inadvertently reveal the real them, right there, laid bare in front of you. And you know, you probably won’t recognize them as the superior being you previously held them up to be.
In fact, you’re more likely to see them as a person, just like you. An imperfect human being. Equal maybe, but not superior.

Secret to self-confidence #3:
Take yourself out of the equation. Focus on the other person, and see what imperfections they reveal. You’ll find a vulnerable human being, just like you.
Get rid of your feelings of inferiority once and for all
Small, simple changes to your thinking can break the negative cycle of feeling inferior for good. Imagine feeling confident talking to anyone. Imagine feeling part of the group, a valued contributor. Imagine never pretending again. Imagine actually being YOU. Stop letting your feelings of inferiority overpower you. Fight back with these powerful tips to give you the self-confidence you need to rock your world.
Musa Gumede

I judge a book by it cover

musa-gumede (3)I’m sure you have heard the saying which says ‘you can’t judge a book by it cover’. Which means you cannot conclude by just looking at a person and say you know him.  This has been a belief for many people in the world. I find it not motivating and inspiring especially if you have done something excellently and someone came and say to yo “well done, it’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover”. That person is saying there is something wrong with your appearance. You don’t portray an image of a person who is capable and have ability to perform that specific task. So it might have taken a lot of consideration for them to give you an opportunity to prove yourself, because of your image you portrayed.

So if you adopt this saying to be your policy and allow people to define you by it, that will put you under a lot of pressure and it might makes you lose a lot of opportunities.   To let people define you by this saying means you need to pay less attention on your appearance because you know that you can do the job. However painting a good image is one of the important elements of a human being to create a lasting impression.  There are areas in life where appearance is vital e.g. when you are out to do audition or going for a job interview. The competition is very tough out there. You need to use everything to your best advantage even good appearance. Don’t wait for a time to be given opportunity to do the job, because it might not even reach to that stage. You can face elimination because of your appearance

As an author and an avid reader, I judge a book by it cover, the cover is part of the whole assessment of the book I cannot overlook it. Imagine if you are a lady, would you consider dating a dirty looking guy? Because you hope that he is a good person. If you can’t even stop for him that would been judging a book by it cover.  The appearance of a person set the tone and the manner of approach to be used when engaging in our daily business life. We do judge a book by it cover, it just that we don’t realise when we are doing it.

I’m talking from experience, when I was at school those who didn’t know me  whenever they hear my name called with those who are doing better in their studies they use to say  ‘ hey you cant’ judge a book  by it cover’. They were saying this because they were looking at my outer appearance, a shy guy, a boy from a poor family. As I grew I took a decision not to allow people to say that to me again.  I want to be a person whose inside will reflect on the outside. I was rich in the inside, but poor on the outside.

Good people let us not live by the old sayings without examining them, as to understand what they mean. I judge a book by it cover and I encourage everyone to the same, so we can all paint a good image of ourselves

Musa Gumede

Moving from Subsistence Farming to Commercial Farming

Picture Credits: www.morguefile.com

Picture Credits: www.morguefile.com

Normally when I’m at home, in South Coast of KZN my granny has made it a tradition to give me crops or harvest from her garden.  This goes as far as giving me the entire fowl that she is breeding at home. I like that because it makes her feel content that her children are enjoying her hard work from the garden. For me because it’s something that I grew up enjoying for many years at home, I sometimes encourage her to sell her harvest to get money. The problem I always encounter when I raise that suggestion to her is that, she is not farming or growing her crops with an intention of selling them, it’s for us to eat only. Sometimes mealies become dry fast while we are still enjoying it. On yearly basis we always have oversupply of “amadumbe”. It is not in her to sell all of these things, because she is not regarding herself as a commercial farmer. Recently I came back from home with 10 KG of Sugar Beans, Peanuts, Amadumbe, Butternut, Herbs and whole chicken. All this from her garden, and when I look the value of these items it can be about R1000.00.
She is not alone in this, each and every neighbor has his or her own garden growing the same thing and they keep it to themselves. Although they have their own gardens, there is still an unused piece of land that has a potential of becoming a framing land. Looking at this and taking into account that as a country at times we even struggle to produce enough mealies for our nation I always see a lost opportunity to make profit and to feed the nation.
I believe there should be a transition from people like my granny to move from subsistence farming into commercial farming at a small scale.  I’m not faultless as well in all of this, because in fact she should have seen me selling some of her crops and give back the money for her to see how profitable her small land can be.
Things like honey, we import large quantity of it from other countries, whereas we have the capacity to produce our own in the country. Maybe it’s about time to get dirty and work on the soil or be even stunk by those bees.
By: Musa Gumede

Local Restaurateurs Stimulates Local Economy

One of these days from my early meeting at Ramsgate lower south coast of KZN I had to stop by Shelly Beach for a light meal. My first meal of the day I’m always fussy about it as it has to be perfect and delicious at the same time. I had a choice of going to normal franchise restaurant or to the boutique restaurant.  The normal assumption with the franchise restaurants is that they try by all means to look identical and they all conform to the standards and requirements of the franchise. Maybe for a person who believe that he must eat what he knows these franchise restaurants might be the way to go.
However I always look something unique about the area every time, I’m also from South Coast. I have seen business people or families investing in small or medium size boutique restaurants within the area.  I personally think that it’s  something that should be encourage, because if a tourist is in the area would like to have a different taste that can be offered in that area only. These kinds of restaurants offer that to the public.
For local economy I personally think restaurants that are owner or family driven are better stimulants of the local economy as opposed to others. I say this simply because there is no money that leaks back to the franchise principals for marketing, percentage of the turnover, franchises fees, etc.
Most of the things in franchise restaurants are centralized, quality control, menu and so on. So if as customer you are not satisfied about something that is beyond them, it’s too tough you must find another venue for yourself to eat. This makes it difficult for effect change in these restaurants, because it’s a long process that need to be followed.
The choice is yours though as a consumer and the recipient of the service. We always like to go to where we are treated with respect, enjoy nice food and good environment at the same time. However the question will be what unique you can take out from that particular restaurant? It is always highly possible to get unique setup and taste from proprietor orientated business.

By: Musa Gumede

Musa Gumede Launches Motivational Book: What Are You Trying To Reach?

On Sunday the 6th of April 2014 Musa Gumede will launch an inspirational book he has What are you trying to reach F jpegwritten titled What Are You Trying To Reach? The event will be at SABC, Durban 100 KE Masinga Road (Old Fort Road), at 3PM. Last year same time Musa had more than 100 people in his first book launch called Tested To Testify, he is expecting even warmer welcome for this new book as well as he is preparing all finer details for this upcoming launch.

The book provides practical strategies to stay focus while you are on the journey to achieve your goals.  You may sometimes get lost on the way and end up not achieving what you wanted. You may get distracted and lose focus and sometimes do things without realising that what you are doing is not taking you closer to what you want to reach. Others may simply sit and do nothing with their lives, but that is a choice that will cause you only misery.

Temptation of Authority


63451_10151554086350049_307568727_nFor many reasons, submitting to authority is extremely attractive. It takes the pressure off. We don’t have to think for ourselves. If any problems arise we don’t have to worry about deciding what to do. We can just do what the leader says and be confident that answer is the final truth.Authority is not constrained to a single personage. It takes the form of belief systems, religious doctrines, political parties, and any entity claiming to hold truth exclusive to all the rest. These entities appear to have our best interests at heart. They take us under their wing and shelter us from the world.
In our heart of hearts, we’re all searching for a great teacher, someone who has mastered life and will show us the way. Isn’t it invigorating to discover a potential authority? Whenever I find a new author that strikes a chord I can’t get enough. I read everything they have to offer, hoping to find that elusive truth. But inevitably, my naive enthusiasm wears off and I realize the answer isn’t there.
From childhood we are conditioned to submit to authority. Do what the teacher says or you will be punished. The desire for authority continues in adulthood and there is never a shortage of potential leaders urging us to join them. Consider the books and web pages you read. How many claim to improve your lives, if only you subscribe, tell your friends, and follow their instructions? Understand that all motivation is rooted in self-interest, and be guarded against those who offer simple answers.

There is No One Right Way
I’m not saying that everything offering guidance is evil. There is much to be learned from authority. But it is harmful when accepted unconditionally. There is no ONE right way. The are many shades of truth and ways to live. Growth, intelligence, and perspective are developed by experiencing a broad variety and drawing your own conclusions. By submitting to authority you sacrifice originality and potential for personal growth.
Nothing Will Solve All Your Problems
Many people are of the opinion that if one party took over the government, or if some ideal system was implemented, our problems would be solved. Our problems are not so simple. The root cause is human weakness; greed, selfishness, aggression, and jealousy. There is no system of government that can change human nature. The conflict would remain and people would turn to another ‘answer’.
We see the same weakness exploited at a personal level. Supposed gurus preach miraculous programs. For a price, you can be cured. We are so desperate for authority we flock to these frauds, and in a desperate search for answers oversimplify our problems. Suppose the guru is correct and you make a million dollars, or fulfill some other dream, what then? Authority will give you no lasting peace.

Authority Exploit!
When we submit to authority, we willingly pull the wool over our own eyes, exposing ourselves to manipulation. The greatest catastrophes of human history were caused by submission to authority. September 11th was caused by submission to Bin Laden’s authority. Everyday people are suckered out of hard earned money because they blindly believe in authority. Be distrustful, question what you’re told, and don’t believe that anyone claiming to have all the answers has your best interests at heart.
It is a cold and lonely road to stand alone without authority and rely on your own judgment. But as Emerson said, “To be a man, is to be a nonconformist.” I hope you will choose to trust your own intuition above any outside authority. Be honest with yourself, live by your own principals, and you people will admire you for it. But don’t take my word for it, reflect and draw your own conclusions.
Musa Gumede

What do you have for the New Year!

It is the beginning of the New Year 2014, just like any other year beginning, some people made this year 2014 a landmark for their personal success. Some confessed as to say this is the year of the new beginnings. It’s good to have time frame for your personal goals and measure them, look what you have achieved, where you lacked and where you excelled. That’s a journey of a purposeful life.


Avoid disappointment at the end of the year

The challenge that people normally face is to set up goals and never fulfil them by the end of the year. People at the beginning of the year they make their resolutions, declare their commitments. However not all of them attain those goals at the end of the year, this is actually a disappointment. There are many reasons for not achieving the planned goals e.g. poor planning; laziness cannot be ruled out, lack of knowledge in terms of working towards your goal, etc. This cause disappointment at the end of the year and you can even start to look at yourself as failure. No you are not; it’s the recipe you used in setting up your gaols. People need to remember that we live more than sixty years in this world if nothing bad came up in your way. So you don’t need to confine your entire life in one year, which is only twelve months or just 365 days.  We need to know good people that we can’t get everything we desire in life within one year. This should be a process where you will achieve some goals, and that will lead to another. We have people always having the same New Year resolutions year after year. It’s because at the end of the year they don’t achieve what they wished to achieve as result they put the same thing in the following year’s resolutions.  You need to be realistic and fair to yourself to avoid this disappointment. If you continuously fail in achieving something that might lead to low self-confidence. In most cases people do have the capacity to achieve their goals it’s just poor planning and lack of commitment. In life when you look back you should be motivated by the achievements, so if you always have the same things not achieved that is really disappointing, you need to avoid that disappointment.

You cannot be everywhere at the same time, so you need to have a strategy, be focus because you will end up not  able to  point out your achievements at the end of the year. 

It’s frustrating  to be busy doing something that is not producing good fruits, that is why I say, as it is the beginning of the near year be careful, do things right.  We often hear people asking, what the year holds for them, forgetting that the year is just a combination of normal days. The most important thing is plans you have for the New Year; you can’t just sit and wait for the New Year with no action plan
Musa Gumede

How our generation will be remembered?

Our GenerationLife is full of milestones. Full of seasons. Full of decisions and choices. Driving for the first time. College. First job. Marriage. Kids. Family. Work. Ministry. Empty nest. Retirement. Grandkids. Loss of family members. Death.
It is amazing the impact that one decision can have on future generations.
It is important to connect with history to see a generational snapshot, or you think that your recent generational life experiences are the norm. In studying the generational cycle of our world, you can often see through a bigger lens.  History ebbs and flows, as do generations.  People in different age groups think and behave differently as they progress through the different stages of life, childhood, marriage, midlife, and old age. But a collective generational group has “similar attitudes about family life, institutions, politics, religion, lifestyle and the future.
What will they say about your generation in 2050?  How about in 2114? What milestones have occurred in our nation during this recent generation? What will we be known and remembered for? 
• The first democratic election in 1994?
• Massive government debt and recession?
• Reality TV?
• A materialistic society?
• The beginning of the falling of supper power nations of the world?
Only time will tell.  The rear view mirror will show us clearly one day.   Those few things I listed seem so large that we really don’t think that we could have affected them or made a difference personally.   So let us shut the door, have a seat on the couch, and bring it a little closer to your home.   How will your children and grandchildren remember you?  What influence did you or will you have with those few precious years you have remaining? Mmh…. This is the question we need to continuously ask ourselves
***The full details about the topic above coming soon…***