How our generation will be remembered?

Our GenerationLife is full of milestones. Full of seasons. Full of decisions and choices. Driving for the first time. College. First job. Marriage. Kids. Family. Work. Ministry. Empty nest. Retirement. Grandkids. Loss of family members. Death.
It is amazing the impact that one decision can have on future generations.
It is important to connect with history to see a generational snapshot, or you think that your recent generational life experiences are the norm. In studying the generational cycle of our world, you can often see through a bigger lens.  History ebbs and flows, as do generations.  People in different age groups think and behave differently as they progress through the different stages of life, childhood, marriage, midlife, and old age. But a collective generational group has “similar attitudes about family life, institutions, politics, religion, lifestyle and the future.
What will they say about your generation in 2050?  How about in 2114? What milestones have occurred in our nation during this recent generation? What will we be known and remembered for? 
• The first democratic election in 1994?
• Massive government debt and recession?
• Reality TV?
• A materialistic society?
• The beginning of the falling of supper power nations of the world?
Only time will tell.  The rear view mirror will show us clearly one day.   Those few things I listed seem so large that we really don’t think that we could have affected them or made a difference personally.   So let us shut the door, have a seat on the couch, and bring it a little closer to your home.   How will your children and grandchildren remember you?  What influence did you or will you have with those few precious years you have remaining? Mmh…. This is the question we need to continuously ask ourselves
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