I judge a book by it cover

musa-gumede (3)I’m sure you have heard the saying which says ‘you can’t judge a book by it cover’. Which means you cannot conclude by just looking at a person and say you know him.  This has been a belief for many people in the world. I find it not motivating and inspiring especially if you have done something excellently and someone came and say to yo “well done, it’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover”. That person is saying there is something wrong with your appearance. You don’t portray an image of a person who is capable and have ability to perform that specific task. So it might have taken a lot of consideration for them to give you an opportunity to prove yourself, because of your image you portrayed.

So if you adopt this saying to be your policy and allow people to define you by it, that will put you under a lot of pressure and it might makes you lose a lot of opportunities.   To let people define you by this saying means you need to pay less attention on your appearance because you know that you can do the job. However painting a good image is one of the important elements of a human being to create a lasting impression.  There are areas in life where appearance is vital e.g. when you are out to do audition or going for a job interview. The competition is very tough out there. You need to use everything to your best advantage even good appearance. Don’t wait for a time to be given opportunity to do the job, because it might not even reach to that stage. You can face elimination because of your appearance

As an author and an avid reader, I judge a book by it cover, the cover is part of the whole assessment of the book I cannot overlook it. Imagine if you are a lady, would you consider dating a dirty looking guy? Because you hope that he is a good person. If you can’t even stop for him that would been judging a book by it cover.  The appearance of a person set the tone and the manner of approach to be used when engaging in our daily business life. We do judge a book by it cover, it just that we don’t realise when we are doing it.

I’m talking from experience, when I was at school those who didn’t know me  whenever they hear my name called with those who are doing better in their studies they use to say  ‘ hey you cant’ judge a book  by it cover’. They were saying this because they were looking at my outer appearance, a shy guy, a boy from a poor family. As I grew I took a decision not to allow people to say that to me again.  I want to be a person whose inside will reflect on the outside. I was rich in the inside, but poor on the outside.

Good people let us not live by the old sayings without examining them, as to understand what they mean. I judge a book by it cover and I encourage everyone to the same, so we can all paint a good image of ourselves

Musa Gumede

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