Musa Gumede Launches Motivational Book: What Are You Trying To Reach?

On Sunday the 6th of April 2014 Musa Gumede will launch an inspirational book he has What are you trying to reach F jpegwritten titled What Are You Trying To Reach? The event will be at SABC, Durban 100 KE Masinga Road (Old Fort Road), at 3PM. Last year same time Musa had more than 100 people in his first book launch called Tested To Testify, he is expecting even warmer welcome for this new book as well as he is preparing all finer details for this upcoming launch.

The book provides practical strategies to stay focus while you are on the journey to achieve your goals.  You may sometimes get lost on the way and end up not achieving what you wanted. You may get distracted and lose focus and sometimes do things without realising that what you are doing is not taking you closer to what you want to reach. Others may simply sit and do nothing with their lives, but that is a choice that will cause you only misery.

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