About the Book

Officail bookHave you ever been passionate about a certain situation in such way that you want to get your hand on the deck and try to fix it? Imagine in your neighbourhood there is a pub which open 24 hours a day and coursing problem in the area, there is noise, there is always people fighting and they are directly contriving their license obligation.

What do you do in such a situation as responsible member of the community? The right thing to do will be standing up against this situation which is making the place not conducive to raise you children and even for you to enjoy the comfort of staying in your home.

In most cases the community at large can be mobilised to curb this immoral situation. However there is a silent killer in the community which seem not to be getting much attention although its end results are life-threatening. This silent killer has a chameleon tendencies, is has able to camouflage itself in such a way that we don’t recognise it as a killer.

Lack of positive thinking, hopelessness, low-self-esteem, inferiority complex, broken hearts, discouragements and bad environment we find ourselves in.  All of these I regard them as things that can kill your spirit and ultimately steal your success and dream away from you.

This might lead you to become the person that you were not born to be. This book “Tested to Testify” restores that conquers spirit that has been killed and reminds people about their capabilities they have to overcome challenges and be stronger.

The powerful testimonies that will change people’s life for ever will come from people who perceived any challenges that the life throws to them as test. They know that they are Tested in order to Testify.

The book provides a wide range of encouragements and advises for different situations you may be dealing with. It will help you to cope and succeed so that you can testify about your Test. To tumble in the presence of any difficult situation is not what is needed from you, but to think and confess the words of conquers during the time of adversities will make you be a conqueror as well.