About Musa Gumede


Musa Gumede was born and grew up at South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa at a place called Umzumbe near Port Shepstone. Although it is not clear which year he was born, however it is assumed it was early eighties.  Due to the fact that his mother Bukeleni Gumede gave birth at home just behind their mud rodevel house and the excitement was very high for this healthy baby, they saw no need to go to hospital.  Several years later his mother passed on before he went to school after a long illness. As there were wars in the area all immunization documents with dates of birth were lost, probably burnt, that resulted in nobody knowing his exact birthdate because his granny couldn’t remember as well.  However his full name is Musawenkosi Gumede

He first went to a lower primary in the area which was called Denver Zoar, and continued to Umzumbe L.  P. School where he finished grade 4 (Std 2). Higher Primary education he went to Sojube H P School which is at eMmzumbe as well and finished primary education there. He matriculated at Mdlangaswa High School in 1999.

He moved to eThekwini (Durban) for further studies where he did several courses e.g. Business Administration, Public Relations & Effective Speaking, Quality Assessor’s course and work in different kind of sectors more especially in production factories and food industry before he joined communication sector. While in communication sector worked in different roles e.g. Customer Service, Quality Assurance and Informal Market or Emerging market.

He works with Motivational Speakers, Poets, and African Culture experts to inspire people through the website www.africasway.co.za .  From year 2011 to 2013 he is the columnist for a community newspaper Taxi Indaba. The Author of an inspiring and motivational book titled Tested to Testify. A motivator, a thinker, a husband and a father who believed to do important things at an early stage while young and energetic.

The love for writing, motivating and preservation of African Oral Tradition started very early as he was staying with his grandmother and grandfather in different times. His grandfather was an Induna (Headman) in the area.