What do you have for the New Year!

It is the beginning of the New Year 2014, just like any other year beginning, some people made this year 2014 a landmark for their personal success. Some confessed as to say this is the year of the new beginnings. It’s good to have time frame for your personal goals and measure them, look what you have achieved, where you lacked and where you excelled. That’s a journey of a purposeful life.


Avoid disappointment at the end of the year

The challenge that people normally face is to set up goals and never fulfil them by the end of the year. People at the beginning of the year they make their resolutions, declare their commitments. However not all of them attain those goals at the end of the year, this is actually a disappointment. There are many reasons for not achieving the planned goals e.g. poor planning; laziness cannot be ruled out, lack of knowledge in terms of working towards your goal, etc. This cause disappointment at the end of the year and you can even start to look at yourself as failure. No you are not; it’s the recipe you used in setting up your gaols. People need to remember that we live more than sixty years in this world if nothing bad came up in your way. So you don’t need to confine your entire life in one year, which is only twelve months or just 365 days.  We need to know good people that we can’t get everything we desire in life within one year. This should be a process where you will achieve some goals, and that will lead to another. We have people always having the same New Year resolutions year after year. It’s because at the end of the year they don’t achieve what they wished to achieve as result they put the same thing in the following year’s resolutions.  You need to be realistic and fair to yourself to avoid this disappointment. If you continuously fail in achieving something that might lead to low self-confidence. In most cases people do have the capacity to achieve their goals it’s just poor planning and lack of commitment. In life when you look back you should be motivated by the achievements, so if you always have the same things not achieved that is really disappointing, you need to avoid that disappointment.

You cannot be everywhere at the same time, so you need to have a strategy, be focus because you will end up not  able to  point out your achievements at the end of the year. 

It’s frustrating  to be busy doing something that is not producing good fruits, that is why I say, as it is the beginning of the near year be careful, do things right.  We often hear people asking, what the year holds for them, forgetting that the year is just a combination of normal days. The most important thing is plans you have for the New Year; you can’t just sit and wait for the New Year with no action plan
Musa Gumede

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